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Second offense. I am very very sorry for that. Not seeking any mercy but that is my heart.

I relocated to Perth two years ago.
I am very very sorry for the illegal driving, which caused the car impounded for 28 days. I was planning to go for a pray for my mother who is waiting for surgery of ulcer, and for my future child, yet there is no public transport there at all. My license got suspended due to speeding two months ago for the first time in my life. I live in the hill and after using the almost invisible public transport for two months in the storm I began to be anxious and upset and...

Anyway, the people in the religion group can prove what I said. I was silly silly enough to have listened to a respected person, a psychologist’s idea that ‘just be careful, Many people always drive while suspended. No problem at all for once’.

I do not complain and I accept that I should be punished for what I have done. I have already realized my fault and criticized myself for not obeying the rules, for disobeying legal order, and for being lack of common sense. I have sworn that I would not do that again. All the people here knowing me can prove that I am a good girl with no black spot, no smoking no drugs no alcohol no anything, except this traffic offense.

I am not employed due to the Covid 19 now, so money is a problem. My home is in the east hill area with few public transport, and there is only this car at home. Everything is my fault, but I sincerely hope that I do not affect my family because of my crime.