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My car was hit while stationary infront of my property by someone uninsured. I was woken up at 7 am to be told this by him and was kind of shaken. So was not thinking straight. I took all details such as his name, address and licence number except the car (truck) registration number. My insurance is supposed to provide for damages by uninsured drivers but they aren't willing to proceed with the claim if I don't give them the rego number or a written evidence from the driver that he is uninsured. The driver is not responding at all to my communications and I am left in a rut now. What would you suggest I do in this case?

Originally I tried to negotiate a payment. We agreed to 850 although I didn't get a quote and to be honest felt bad for him because he had no insurance. But he has only paid 400 and hasn't paid the rest or given any indication of whether he will pay it. This small amuont will not remotely cover the repairs. Afterwards I tried to talk to my insurance and found that they are obliged to cover up to 3K of damages by any uninsured drivers but they aren't willing to go ahead just because I couldn't give them the rego. I didn't even know that insurance would need rego when they have details like names, licence and drivers address. I was up at 7 on a sunday to see the scene so wasn't in the right mind. And the truck was not the drivers car - he had hired it. He is not giving me the rego either. So now I'm hopeless. The car is not roadworthy, I am basically out of transport. It has been a month since the accident.

I have all text message logs where we agreed on a payment of 850. And he also admitted on a text message that he is uninsured. The insurance contact said I either need to give them the rego number or a written evidence of him admitting that he is not insured. Will the text message suffice as written evidence? I feel like I am getting ripped off left right and centre. Please suggest a good recourse. I really appreciate your help.