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We purchased a new dual cab ute. It is a work vehicle clocking about 1000km per week. The vehicle has travelled 42,000km. So far it has had 3 DPF units replaced in it and all the signs are there that the DPF will need replacement again in 2 -3k kms. The dealer has no solution for the problem nor has the manufacturer. (DPF is necessary for pollution emission control). When failing it blows a huge amount of smoke out of the exhaust so we run the risk of being pulled over by the police and taken off the road.

We want the manufacturer to buy back the vehicle due to days work lost each time and that there is no solution available to resolve the problem apart from a regular replacement of part every 13 - 15k kms.

What are the legal reasons/issues that should be noted in corrospondence to get the manufacturer engaged in a serious discussion to buy back the vehicle?