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Hi all,

I was just after any advice I can get about an accident that happened in the driveway of my home about a month ago. The accident happened like this:

My driveway is L-shaped for a start, so I have to reverse to the right in order to turn around and exit the drive. Even though it's akward to get out of, it's reasonably short and you can see into and out of it easily from the road.
On this particular day, I got into my car, turned it on, put it in reverse and turned around to just double check even though there was nothing there when I got in.
I started moving back, looking over my left shoulder the whole time. When I got to the point that I needed to start moving to the right, I slowed down almost to a complete stop, looked over my right shoulder to double check the distance.
I turned the wheel, looked behind me over my left shoulder again and in seeing that nothing was there, looked back to the right and kept moving.

A few seconds later, I collided with a delivery van that was reversing into my driveway.

My street isn't busy so he was very easily able to park on the street or drive in forwards.

We exchanged details and I got a letter from his insurance co. asking for my version as I only have CTP.

I gave it to them and only got a letter back today stating that I am liable for nearly $2000 worth of damages.

Are they right? I didn't think I was liable (at least not completely). They didn't send me any quotes or an explination for why I was found liable.

The police weren't called as there wasn't much damage to either car (although I needed to replace the rear bumper of mine).

This is my first accident, so I'm really not sure how this all works.If anyone could please help me as to what my options may be, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance