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Hi, everyone.
Please help me with my current issue. I am on student visa as master degree of health administration, and my student visa will expire on 03/2016. However, I just want to study post graduate diploma which completed on 07/2015. Now i would like to apply Pr as 189 or 190. I already applied for skill assessment which will send me the final result in the end of 08/2015.

My question is: does anyone tell me when the immigration will cancel my student visa due to i applied the completion course on 07/2015. On my academic transcript, university mentioned i finish my course on 09/07/2015

Do i have enough time to submit EOI, get invitation and lodging Pr application before my student visa cancel? if my student visa is cancelled before I have bridging visa, does it affect my PR application?

Or Should I submit the TR visa (graduate - skill) application to extend my time to lodging PR. (I did bachelor course and post graduate course). In that case, can i allow to work full time when i get bridging visa or I will be restricted to work 40 hours per fortnight as student visa condition. Does it affect my Pr application later on?

Please help me to answer these concerns. Thank you very much