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Hi everyone, I was prosecuted by centrelink in 2017 over the debts around $36000. I was advise to plead guilty by legalaid lawyer as I did not have payslip or banks statement for the jobs I have done 6 years ago. my legal aid lawyer told me, if you can't disprove centrelink with payslip then we dont have the case and you will most likey go to jail. the best option was to plea guilty eventhough I still doubt the debt.

The magistrate court Judge easily sentence me:

s.135.2(1) Criminal Code – obtaining a financial advantage ($28000)

s.135.2(2) Criminal Code – obtaining a financial advantage($8000).

This debt never review before, in 2018 I asked centrelink to review all my debt.

They reviewed and added more debt without explaining were did the extra debt come from.

I look at the debt, I found money errors incuding the one I was prosecuted for.

This year I joined Gordon Legal class action as my debt were raised in August 2015, which fall into robo-debt time. I also received email from centrelink in may 2020 that, I have been Identified as member of class action. I check with Gordon Legal and they told me, that class action will cover any debt raised after july 2015 and that I am well in that ranges.

I am hoping,If the court ruled that all debts raised after June 2015 onward were invalid and forced centrelink to refunds me.

I am not sure whether I will be able apply to get the conviction remove from the record.

I hope to hear from you soon.