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Hello Everyone

This is my first post on this forum. I hope I am adhering to all the rules, as I make this post here.

My question is can I still sue the organisation, for what I strongly believe is unfair dismissal? Here is my story.

I was terminated from work almost three years ago, while working as an independent contractor for a government organisation. One day at work, I got a meeting invite for Friday 3pm, which was just three days ahead. I went for the meeting, which lasted for about 30-45 minutes, and during the meeting I was told that I am being terminated and was asked to leave the office straightaway after the meeting. The meeting itself, and what was discussed in the meeting was a complete shock to me. I was told that they I watch xography at work, which I repeatedly told them I have never done such a thing in my entire career. I was told I discuss my personal life at work, which I agreed, that I did discuss my personal life with colleagues during lunch and other break time, just like everyone else. Even though I repeated that fact that I am sure I have not done anything wrong, they were not ready to hear what I wanted to say. It looked like they had already made the decision to terminate me and the meeting was just a formality. I wanted to take legal action when this happened, but my family discouraged me telling me just to forget it.

While it has been almost three years since this incident has occurred, I still cannot get over this incident. Ever since this happened, I always battle with fear, anxiety and depression, specially at work. My confidence has been heavily affected by this incident, which I still believe I have not done anything wrong. I want closure, so I can move on, and tell myself that everything is okay and not to get nightmares or negative thoughts coming into my mind.

Can someone please tell me if I can still sue the organisation? I am just an ordinary Australian citizen, and don't have the money to face a big organisation.

Many thanks in advance.