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Hi all,

Some two years ago, I complained about the lack of maintenance to our (small 4 units) Strata group, finally our Strata Manager, obtained quotes with regards all the "repairs /replacement" which our Strata Common needed, this dragged on for some 12 months and our total cost, when the quotes received, were added together, was $21628.00, it is hard to believe, but this is the total of the quotes received.


This saga dragged on and finally we (the owners (4) were sent a quote for us to make a decision, it was for the common switchboard - at a quote for $245.00, well still a long way, to garner funds for the outstanding repairs and maintenance to our Strata Commom, by a levy!

This problem has dragged on, as you can appreciate, for some time, our presiding officer, at my request, called a management meeting, there was some action,we had more quotes and our strata manager finally submitted an insurance claim, for damages to the storm water overflowing, this in turn necessitated a structual engineer, now further quotes were received, in total $18735.00, now the crunch, our presiding officer, has placed his unit on the market for sale, he is bugging out!

I know it took a time in an attempt to explain - how do we stand? one friend mentioned to me, to place a caveat on his unit, I would welcome any advice - I must mention that I took our Strata Manager to court, I sought details of our finances - he would not acknowledge my corresspondence, so to court - then I obtained the financial details I had requested!       Our presiding officer did nothing!


Do hope that some reader, can steer me in the right direction.