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I am 58, no children and my husband recently died. My current will leaves everything to my 5 nieces and nephews (the 4 children of my sister and the only child of my brother). I have heard for some time that my brother is expecting me to leave half of everything to him and half to our sister. I was told he talked to my sister about it and tried to get her to back him up. I have now heard that he has told family that he will contest my will if I don't leave half of it to him. He is 54, divorced with 1 adult child. He and his wife had a house but since their marriage fell apart and she left, he has let the house go to ruin/falling down/uninhabitable state. Basically it is only worth land value now. He was given money by our mother when she was alive, and she was disappointed and said it was wasted because of how she saw it spent. Further, his interpersonal lack-of-skills and poor behaviour has estranged him from most of us. Family do sometimes hear from him over the phone but his calls are unwelcome because of the way he talks to us. Would he have grounds to contest my will? Or what can I do to head him off at the pass, so to speak? I am considering updating my will now my husband has passed so I could add something if needed to explain why I want to split it between my 5 nieces and nephews.