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Hi all and thank you in advance for any advice I shall receive in relation to the following, 


Previous Court Orders state that every second weekend I pick the boys up either from school on completion on Friday or after athletics if on Saturday and the EX is to pick the boys up from Maccas near my place on the Sunday afternoon 4pm.

So Fathers day weekend came around and it was my weekend to have the boys so 1pm came and I set off on the 2hr drive to pick my boys up from school to bring them back to my place for the weekend when 2.30pm came I received a text from the EX stating. "If you want to have the boys this weekend you bring them back on Sunday otherwise they wont be going and you can take me to court".  

So not only did i spend fathers day on my own instead of with my boys but i wasted 4.5hrs of my time and $60 fuel going down and back for nothing. 

As far as im concerned she has not only tried to Blackmail me, but she has breached Court Orders also.  AM I CORRECT? 

My plan now is to make an Enforcement Application to the courts and prevent her from doing this sort of thing in the future As ive no doubt she will.  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated or Am I on the right track?