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Hi, so I bought and sold a car which unknowingly had a finance on it. Wasn't aware of PPSR being new to the country. This was back in 2016 and used it for 5 months. After 5 months, I sold it and buyer spent an hour inspecting with a mechanic as he agreed to buy with no RWC and car was bought "as is, where is". So all was settled and transaction was completed.

More than a year later,2017, buyer comes back saying there is finance on it, this was the only time I was made aware of a PPSR check. Buyer keeps on visiting my house and saying he has spoken to a lawyer and giving me two options, either to return his money and he will return the car OR he will speak to his lawyer and make a report to the police.

My question is does he have enough legal grounds to sue me if I wasn't aware the car had finance on it? If he pursues in court do I have a strong case to win as an innocent buyer/seller or not?

Appreciate the help.