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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice on whether I have any legal rights at all in this matter.

I recently purchased a boat from a private sale that was advertised through a third party "broker".

The boat was advertised with all the details of what had been done to improve the vessel for sale including "2 fully rebuilt engines, showing 20 hours since rebuild".

The engines were rebuilt by a local licensed diesel fitter in 2016 however the engines still only had 20 hours since rebuild up until I purchased it in Oct 19. (Obviously, it has been sitting for a long time without use).

Her owner is working overseas and employed his brother in law to administer the sale.

After the purchase I had to drive it 3 days from the town of purchase to my home port.

After 1 hour of operation at 55% the port engine blew up. It had new oil in it and was being cooled with sea water. The temperatures and pressures were all stable until the point of unserviceability.

That engine was shut down immediately and I continued the further 260nm on one engine.

Both the diesel mechanic and the owner have washed their hands of the problem.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank You in advance