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I am writing this on behalf of a friend to get some much needed advice.

She is an exotic dancer who was taken into for private dance, and during the dance the client bit and clamped down on her labia, ripping it and tearing it partially away from the vagina. This has been caught on CCTV with the club being made aware and has been documented.

Following this, she collapsed on the tram home due to trauma / anxiety / previous trauma relapse and had to go to the emergency ward at the hospital. She was treated and was requested to have need stitches due to the severity of the attack.

She has pictures and evidence of this horrific attack, to which now she is in severe pain through bleeding and swelling, and also suffers from vulvodynia, a medical condition that also affects the vulva so the pain is even worse. On top of this, she is now suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks.

How can we go about sueing the client, and what would the process look like? We are also leaving the country in around 6-7 weeks so we are unsure if we can file a suit and not be in the country whilst it is being carrying out.

Any help would be appreciated.