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Just a few questions:

Currently my ex has all the income as I am on the single parents pension. This means he has been accessed as having 100% of the costs for CSA purposes.

We are both "higher earners". Currently we have reached the capped ceiling, which means when I return to work his child support drops, as I am considered to bare some of the costs. I get that. But really, why should his contribution fall when just because I earn more - shouldn't the children benefit from my higher income? Also, I would need to pay childcare fees to facilitate me earning, yet this isn't factored into "earnings".

Its been suggested I look at a "binding child support agreement", which will essentially mean he will pay the cap no matter my earnings. Has anyone any experience with this? Pitfalls? Things to look out for?

Also, if property settlement reopens - what impact will starting my own business have?

Oh, and back to nightmare contact orders. Ex has stated he will find a "substitute" for breast milk when visits are extended when baby turns 6 months to 8 hours. I've requested advise on how he will "transport" breast milk so it doesn't fall beyond acceptable temps on the 90 + mins between residences. I am willing to supply the milk. Is this a reasonable excess to put him on notice that I will withhold?? Child will be on solids, so only one bottle would be needed, but also needs his 'help' to ensure her needs are met? Would giving him notice & providing 2 or 3 solutions be reasonable steps to be not held in contravention - considering if he took a reasonable option, I have no issue ensure the orders are kept in place.

Note our first was feed til after 12 months & we were very anti formula. Does that have any Precedence?