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My ex-husband (of 19 years) dies 6 months ago aged 58. We had 2 children together now aged 25 and 21. He re-married about 5 years to a not very nice woman. After his death and with the right amount of time in between the kids asked their step mother for a copy of the will. This took a lot of time but eventually she sent it.
It stated superannuation and death benefits would be as per his nomination in his super fund and the rest of his estate to his wife and split with his children and her four children upon her death.
The children asked her repeatedly over the last few months for the name of his super fund which she refused to give and just ignored them. They tried with his company but they would not supply the name, only to the exeutor of his estate.
They tried one more time asking for the super company name where she finally named it ans said the claim had all been finalised. Presuming this means she received all the money (approximately $750,000 plus death benefit)
The super company has never tried to contact my children and their father had specifically told them that they were beneficiaries of his super.
What now? Can they still submit a claim or is it too late and they have no claim at all?