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Hi All,


My girlfriend is being sued for outstanding university fees she didn't realise she still owed.  Long story short, they kept sending correspondence to her old mailing address, but never bothered to phone or email.  We have the option to defend the claim, in which if we did, we would only defend the interest accumulated and not the original amount claiming that they hadn't made a reasonable attempt to contact her.


This is in QLD by the way (Interest as per the Civil Proceedings Act 2011).


Just a few questions


  1. If we choose to defend, I assume we go to court or Qcat for a day?


  1. IF we do go to court and lose, wTo defend ould their be additional costs awarded to her (other than if she decides to get a lawyer).


  1. If we don't choose to defend, and thereby don't complete the "Notice of Intention to Defend" and accept the amount owed, do we need to do anything? Or do they just bill us with a notice?


Cheers for any help.