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Hello all

I was banned by ASIC from providing financial advice for life in Australia about 12 months ago.
Myself and many people I know in the industry believe my ban was extremely harsh given the circumstances surrounding how it all happened - there were significant mitigating circumstances... anyway I lodged an appeal with the administrative appeals tribunal, but then withdrew it as at the time i was banned I was totally shocked and overwhelmed and just wanting to move on.
Now the dust has settled a little I believe that my ban may have, and still be worth appealing.
I am wondering if I can still try to appeal this ban and how to go about it?
I believe I cant appeal it at the AAT anymore as there is a 1 month time limit or something on doing that...are there any other options...??? i.e. can I appeal this at a magistrates court or something..??
Does anyone out there have any knowledge in this area they can share with me please...??
Is there any way around this - I have considered and been told a number of things - i.e. change my name, move overseas and practice - I am also considering trying to get lisenced to provide advice in New Zealand and possibly moving there...??
Please help - ASIC have basically ruined my life...!!!