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Hi all

A few months ago my ex wife (defacto) took out basically a bullsh*t restraining order against me to get me thrown out of the family home, I really wasn't ready to deal with any of this so I headed overseas where I still am, I was only served the interim order paperwork.

Initially I was very frustrated as she basically lied to get the AVO against me and i sent her a couple of instant messenger messages, nothing threatening or rude mind you, they were read and then she blocked me.

I had planned to return to Australia in a few days to meet legal aid and try to deal with this, when I'm suddenly advised by an address I haven't used or lived in for over 10 years that a letter came for me, I got them to open it and it says I "need to visit my local police station to collect some documents". I called them explained I am overseas and can they please email the documents they agreed but no email came.

I was hoping to understand what these documents could be? An arrest warrant for breach AVO and I would I be arrested upon return in to Australia? Or am I over reacting is there more paperwork that needs to be served due to standard AVO process? In any case if I am flying in to an arrest warrant I want to know first so I can prepare.

Any help/insight much appreciated