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Me and my partner had an arugment cuz i wanted to take our kid outside to play he said i cant cuz one day he asked me to take him out and i refused.We dont take our kid anywhere unless we both agree; especially cuz we moved to a new town and we dont know the town really well but at that time i was in a bad mood i couldnt take no for an answer so i started shouting and yelling at him.I took all his clothes and through them on the floor. While i was shouting at him he was looking for his work clothes he was really confused he came near me and said (dont shout talk and say whatever u want but dont shout) so i start shouting harder he said to (stop cuz i only have 10 mintues to work and look to what you did to his clothes i cant even find my work clothes). So he punched me with close fits it didnt hurt me but when i wake up it was a small brooze on my arm. So i called the police the police said if i dont file for an AVO then they will so they did. when we went to court i withdrawal my avo.
*He doesnt want to tell me whats going on with him in court cuz he said not to worry about it by the way everthing is all right with us right now it was just a very stupied mistake i made when i called the police cuz he is so nice i cant believe i called the police. i mean hes supporting me with everything i dont even work.

my question is whats will happen to my partner is he gonna go to jail or something?

all i know he paid like 100 dolllers to the court but theres a form in his wallet called (notice of continuance of bail) anyone knows what does that mean?
and my second question is he gonna do community work or pay more money?

please who ever experience this or know anything to write me.