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8 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
Some of this information is already posted in my other thread, but I will re post for those who haven't read it.

A few months ago my ex took out an AVO with what I consider completely false allegations, so far this has cost me access to my children (I'm meeting with legal aid soon to try and rectify and will instigate mediation proceedings soon).

Now since she won't speak to me at all has just cut all communications cold off, what the question is how do I force sale of the house? Is it possible or can she argue she resides there with my children? Because she has lied to me so much I don't trust her at all anymore and the sale of house needs to happen before we default on the mortgage.

What I'm specially asking is what paperwork /forms / legal process can I start to get the ball rolling on this? I'm only living in Australia some of the time now and seriously considering leaving permanently.