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He has stolen all my identity self worth has manipulated me through fear threats told i was shoot he hacks my phone and electrical devices watched me comments on me about what I should be and do tells me to call him daddy tells me he is the one it's very severe he has done so for nearly 4 years now it's cost me my career my life I'm suicidal I feel like I hahe no rights I  don't feel human he writes i do on my phone suggests others who I will date if not him made me homeless through fear I've been sexually assaults by informants and sent bankrupt and forced to take the fall He will not stop and I don't want to be married nor have children I want him to leave me alone from playing on my phone I want to sue him for millions of dollars in compo how do I lodge an application without going to the police as I don't like them I  don't trust them they don't help me but exploit me and he calls me names and asks for shows he tells me I'm a prostite and I am not. He told me he is breaking me in calls me his dog and so much more it's pretty bad I'll never recover