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      Hello, My name is Wee Jeen, I am alaw student from Taylor's University College in Malaysia currently taking theSouth Australian Matriculation program. I was given a project regarding theAborigines in Australia. The title I have chosen for my project is ". Canthe legislation adequately protect the rights, interest and welfare of theIndigenous people". My hypothesis for this project is "Yes. thelegislation adequately protect the rights, interest, welfare of the indigenouspeople". From the sources i have gathered, i found out that ever since the1967 Referendum, the government has been creating much legislation to protectthe Aborigines at certain aspects such as land rights, heritage protection andthey are even claimed to be overprotected by the legislation according to certainpeople in Australia. What are the Aborigines current status and are they reallyoverprotected? Does the legislation adequately protect the rights, interest andwelfare of the indigenous people in Australia?