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My Mother recently passed away. She was domiciled in WA. She had no property. She died with $1500 in the bank and had a small investment in Victoria of $5000 invested with a mortgage broker of some sort that was to be used to bury her. Her other assets were household goods of no monetary value.

The bank will permit the closure of her account on presentation of the death certificate in Western Australia, passing though a deceased account. The investment company in Victoria however have provided a list of documents including a will, statement of assets, various indemnity forms as stat decs.

1. Can the stat dec's be done in WA?
2. Can they hold the funds without a will?
3. What business to they have with her financial standing when we are talking about 5K that will be paid to her estate bank account?

This was all the money she had in the world. I am not positioned financially to fight for this - please advise.