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Hi there,

Complex case here...

I have been assaulted at my home/workplace on the 19th of June 2014. I have been hit in the face by a punch thrown by a person that has been served with an order not to approach the premises etc...

Now the problem is that this assault resulted in a complex fracture of my face and received surgery a few days ago however, I am trying to sue the matter as I have received reversible damages, both physical and psychological. I have done a full statement at the local police station but the detective in charge will not pursue the matter for some obscure reason to me.

Further more, I do believe that this assault has been orchestrated by my female house-mate that is holder of the lease and has been wanting to move out for a while as I was not supplicating to her constant bullying and harassment.

I went to get some legal advice and have been told that if the police won't follow up there is nothing to be done. I have to be left out with permanent damage done to body and mind without justice to be served.

Here are some documents that can be eventually relevant:

Police report:

My story with female housemate/coworker

Extended thoughts:

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