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Ok. So this is all pretty recent. And im new to this, so please any information is really appreciated.

My boyfriend was arrested (in NSW) for GBH with intent and was refused bail today. He is currently waiting to be transferred to the Metropilitan Remand Centre and his family and solicitor are trying to get the charge lessened to an assault or related charge. If not, from my understanding a GBH charge could face up to 7 years imprisonment.

Is it likely that a charge can be reduced, and if so if we apply for bail again, what are the chances that it will be granted?

If we cant reduce the charge and he faces the GBH with intent charge, what is the most common sentencing? It is his second offence, he has previously had an AVO. But there are mitigating cirxstances this time. He has a mental health illness, plus he was intoxicated at the time. Can these be taken into consideration?

Any professional opinions, expierences,.. are welcome!!