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Hi There,

I accidenly overstay in Australia after my visa expire.
As I have oversight my Graduate Visa expire date as December, I received a phone call in early November saying that my visa was expired and the officer ask what I planned to do

I explain to her that I was on the process of applying my 187 visa and I am waiting my passport to arrived. She told me thats fine and ask me to go to the office and they will give me a bridging visa.

However, I was sick and have infection the day after the phone call. as the result i was 1 day late to get my bridging visa within the 28 day which resulting they giving me a bridging E. Which resulting a limited visa I can apply to and I am not eligible for 187 anymore.

Later I was told that they will only give out bridging E on their department. And there were a 3 year exclusion period cam with the BVE. I tried to ask what is the procedure for me to return, the officer said i can appeal of wavier for the 3 yrs exclusion period.
And I believe them and return to my home country, and tried to get a visa for me to return.

I was currently trying to apply a visa to return to Australia.I applied Working Holiday Visa and got refused.

I would like to know what can I do now?? What kind of visa is available for me to apply so that I can return to Aus??

The reason I am not able to lodge my application is due to the delay of the passport delivery from my country's immigration. Will that be helpful if I can obtain a letter from the department saying that there were an delay on delivery, will that help with my case?