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4 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
Quick background - ex and I were married 9 years, have 8 and 6 year old children, and a fairly modest mortgage. He immediately moved out of the family home and we have split the repayments so far.

We already have consent orders drafted for the children on a 50/50 arrangement, checked by a lawyer and they are ready to go. Now we get to the property.

We have agreed to include the house only in the orders, our collective belongings will be divided up rather than one having to pay the other. We still talk regularly and we get along well so far. I would like to buy him out and take on the mortgage, I believe I will be able to refinance and do this without too much hassle. We've agreed on a value for the property, subtracted what we owe, and I will purchase his half.

I want to write up the consent orders for this myself to keep costs low, but finding the proper wording is proving difficult. Can anyone help me with some examples so I can put this in legal terms? I actually drafted the consent orders for the children myself and they were perfect, I thought that would be the easy part!

Any advice, links, etc appreciated.