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Hi there, thanks in advance for your help.

My friend and I were arrested on the weekend and have subsequently being charged with the following.

790(1) ppra act - assualting or obstructing a police officer.

He has been charged with

10.19 psaa act - assuming designation or description of a police officer.

Now here's the story. The police officer called me the next day to explain what happened. As i was not aware of why I was being arrested in the first place and he didnt want to tell me while I had some alcohol in my system. I was leaving a licensed premise apparently with a glass in my hand, a police officer identified himself (again Im not sure if this happened) and told me to take the glass back in side, I allegedly ignored him and put my hand out. At first he said I pushed him but then said it wasnt that hard and that i should just wait to see the footage. I was then arrested and place in the watch house for a few hrs and then released on bail. Now when i was on the ground my friend came over to help me and (not physically) and allegedly said he was a police officer.

He called me on the monday to explain and organise a viewing of the CCTV. Which is tomorrow.

Now my questions,

He said it was a simple offensive and even if found quilty, I would not have a criminal record and would still be able to travel etc...... Is this true?

Should I get a lawyer as he said I would probably just get a fine and I really cant afford a lawyer?

Is my friend in serious trouble, he is really worried?

Again thanks for your help and any and all advice welcome

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