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Hi, hoping to get some thoughts on this situation:

My ex-husband and I attended mediation in relation to parenting of our daughter. He wanted two consecutive overnights. I thought that she would only cope with one. After three hours, we agreed on one midweek and every second Saturday overnight. It was left open as to whether we go back to discuss more issues.

But now I've received a copy of a s60I certificate in the mail which my ex requested. It says that we both attended mediation and made a genuine attempt to resolve matters.

I'm confused because I thought these were issued where you can't reach agreement, which we did. My ex is saying it's not the result he wanted but then again it wasn't what I wanted either.

Can someone tell me if the mediator should have issued it?
And what does it mean to me exactly, thAt my ex can now take me to court??? If so, is there a time limit to taking me to court?

Thanks in advance!