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What are the consequences when one commits purgery when submitting an affidavit leading up to a final hearing?
In this case the person submitted the affidavit clearly stating they were not entitled to particular financial benefits. A letter received from the employer clearly states this is not true or correct. I would like to be aware what I can request from the judge? Are the consequences just a slap on the wrist or can they be barred from entering the country, fined or impriosoned? Can I seek that my legal costs be paid by the other party due to the purgery ? Can I ask that for a criminal record to be out against their name ?

I would also like to know what the consequences of submitting a late affidavit for a final hearing. Is the affidavit accepted? Are there any consequences at all?

To date there have been no consequences for refusal to submit many financial documentsCirrus 222016-03-16 21:40:34