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Hi there.

I was assaulted last Thursday in a real-estate office by one of it's employee's (a subcontractor the manager advised me). I was sitting in a chair talking to the manager when the employee came in and stood over me (sitting in chair) and repeatedly stated openly "I'm guuna puch this FKG guys lights out" or much to that affect. After a few of those and some other ranting he told me to take my glasses so he can ??&*^ my face in...said it a few times. Feeling the situation getting out of hand I took my glasses off as they are quite expensive and I cant afford to replace them... still sitting.
Next second I was knocked to the floor and he was on top of me (I didn't see what he did to me as I was not facing the guy, only looking at my glasses on the desk) He had punched me once in the face and we scuffled and two other workers pulled him away. I left the premises and called police, they are still investigating.

Yes, I do know the guy from repeatedly asking him not to park in our apt's visitor parking (I am one of my strata's exec member) as residents keep complaining. 20min before incident myself and another Exec member confronted him and asked him to stop parking in visitor spaces, he ignored us and drove off.

I have a really sore neck (Dr said only muscular), some big bruises on my arm and leg and carpet burn on my knees.

My questions are:
- This guys has a family, is this going to ruin him in such as jail time? I don't want to destroy a family but I don't want him to think he can do this with no consequences.

- I don't was to be an American and want to sue for all he's worth but I do want my medical expenses and physio covered. Is this possible without going all out and ruin the family financially?

- The real estate office is in my apt complex and we are likely to run into each other a lot. What can I do here as I don't want him near my home?

Thank you for any help you have