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Hi, Im just looking for a bit of advice.

My son turns 4 this December and his father has had limited contact with him since we broke up. He has visited us 3 times this year and has now decided he'd like to take my son for the afternoon. Since I left him when my son was around 12 mths old, he has occasionally sent a text message and rarely visited. He rufuses to speak to me on the phone and will only communicate via text messages. I have made every effort to let him see our son, I have spent alot of time going to his house so he can have visits there (between 12-18 mths old) but had to stop due to returning to studies. Neither of us have a car or license so my parents have always offered to pick him up and drop him off as he lives less than a 15 min drive away, and I let him choose two days during the week that I will always keep clear for him to visit, and have said he can visit any other day in between as long as it is convenient for us both. He hasnt bothered to use the time he chose (Thurs arvo and Sundays). He is now threatening me with legal action, saying he WILL be coming to collect our son on the weekend and I cant stop him. I wont let him take our son for an afternoon as he doesnt know who his father is, to my son it would just be another face and I know that it will utterly frighten him if he were to be taken somewhere he doesnt know with people he doesnt know. I have asked his father to visit regularly and weekly and as soon as he can prove he is reliable and our son can get to know him better then by all means he can take him out for an afternoon. I dont believe my actions are unreasonable, but his father does and is threatening me with legal action. Will his case have a leg to stand on or am I merely stressing out over it for no reason. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time