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Hi All,

Hoping I can just get some guidance, just making sure I havn't done anything wrong!

Last October (2013) I started a new role at a small startup company. When I started I was given a Letter of offer (States Starting Date, 6 Month Prohbationary Period, Annual Salary Package) and that was that. At no point did I sign an employment contract as I was never given one.

At the beggining of January I saw the writing on the wall as the business was not going to plan, contractors & suppliers were going unpaid, the office morale was very low and the job became extremely stressful. At this point I found myself a new job (Starting Mid February).

Yesterday after a pay dispute I informed them that I would no longer be working for them (Quit on the spot). My role was in the IT department and I gave them all login credentials that I had access to.

All company property (Includes Email Accounts) has been returned.

Today I have been told that:

- Im attempting to Sabotage the project by providing false passwords (The passwords I gave them all work)
- I Cant quit on the spot
- If I dont provide new passwords and step by step guide on what I did in my job that this matter will be taken further.

Have I done anything wrong? All information I gave them was 100% accurate and I was never under an employment contract.