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Hello everyone, First post here & was wondering if I could please get some advice on this matter, we need help! We asked our local member for some funding to either build a new Hall for our community or to renovate our existing Hall which has wrongfully been condemned by our local council because they didn't want to maintain it, the Hall is classified as a Local Heritage building & was built in 1916. The local member did in fact find the funding amounting to $82,500 which was passed on to the Local Council. The local member addressed the House Of Representatives in Canberra & he states in his speech & other Media that he found the funding for a new Hall or a Hall development for our Community, I have the paperwork on this. In the Local Government Act 1993 it clearly states under "Funding" that any funds that are allocated to a specific purpose or grant are to be used for that specific purpose. The Local Council has other plans & they now want to Demolish the Hall & replace it with a silly Gazebo & a BBQ which is of no practical use for our Community. Am I right in saying that the Council basically has to either build a new Hall or at least Renovate the existing Hall by Law? There is more to the story & I can verify everything with paperwork if needed, this is just a basic outline of our problems. Thanks