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Hello everyone,

It has been almost 2 months after the grant of my 187 visa (I came with working holiday visa and work for more than 1 year for this company).
Since my visa was launched, I kept getting extra jobs that were not included in the contract. (My owner just verbally assigned new task to me)
And I never get paid for my extra work on weekdays, weekend and public holidays.

I am quite a hard worker so I tried my best to finish the jobs and never ask for the payment for my extra working hour(It is actually a culture in my company, and no one dare to touch this topic).

The atmosphere in my company is bad so we had many staff left after I joined. And all these job came to me and other new staff who were also sponsored with 187 visa.

Recently I was told to do some job which I think is totally inappropriate and not related, I have been struggled since I entered into the company and now I feel that I have reached my limit.

I would like know what should I do if i want to leave this company?
Can they change or add my job like this even I get sponsored with 187 visa?
If I quit do I need to find similar job in same region? (or I can find different job in same region or even other regions?)
I know about fair work, what will be the best way to approach them with my problem?

Thank you for being patient reading my story.
I hope any of you guys can give me some advice.
I feel really stressful and scared that I am trapping in this situation.