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Hi I been separated from my child's mother before they was born and she didn't let me have anything really beside sometimes visits 

my child is 2 now and since the start of the year I moved to the same town we went through mediation that allowed me to see my child every second day but since august we decided on 50/50 as a verbal agreement that her and I and our partners was involed in and she decided today that she no longer wants to do it 50/50 and go back to me seeing my child every second day due to the fact that my partner had a word to her about self harming herself. She then try getting my partner in trouble with the police and that didn't work and now she trying to take my son back. 
I don't know what to do I love my son and don't want to loose him or go back to the old arrangement my child's mother didn't have a problem with the 50/50 as she stated many times that she likes the freedom but I know she doing it to try and punish myself and my partner. I am a great dad my child comes first I just need some advice on what I can do so I can still be have him.