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6 yrs marriage, 2 children, 4 properties.

@1st preliminary hearing : My ex was reappeared from hiding away from everyone for a year, he was told not to gamble and to provide his financial statements.

@2nd preliminary hearing: x attended with his lawyer. Still haven't fully provided with all the necessary documents. His solicitor informed mine roughly X's business is worth 50K (while he produce 1.5 million a year).

@3rd preliminary hearing soon: X is preparing the rest of his financial balances, and I know X is trying to minimise his business value as much.
In the mean time, X needs to sell one of the properties as 'he cannot pay for the mortgages/lawyer anymore'. I did put a caveat on them.

But if they are to be sold before the financial settlement, can he uses all/ hide all/some?

In one of the properties I live with my children, and in another (under X's mum's name)my mother and sister live and pay rent to me.
X is forcing my mother and sister out and X's mum has given 90 days notice today.
Although the property is under X's mum's name, X paid for deposit so I have a share in the property as well. Can they just give 90 days notice and force them out?

Another question is...
what categories do I have to meet to get a spousal maintenance from him?

Thanks in advance. Going through the most difficult time of my life...