by pcj821  03/11/2012  1268 Page Views
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My partner and I are looking for our first rental and we're curious about the 100 point identification check required by the realtors/property manager.

The documents I intend to disclose are:

Drivers Licence
Birth Certificate
Medicare Card
Car Registration

I have no problem with having them sight these documents but it seems they actually want copies so that they can keep them on record. So my first question is does anyone know if they legally have to have these documents in their records? or do they just need to sight them?

Now, since the rental environment is particularly tight in my area, I don't really want to be a hassle to the agents with demanding that they can only sight my records (even if legally that's all they need). So if I provide copies of my id documents to the agent what details should I black out? apparently I can black out the medicare number, but what should/can I black out on the other documents?

Any help as always is much appreciated.