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Once you have signed your completed will and had it properly witnessed, you should ensure that the original is kept in a safe place. Only the original will is accepted by the Supreme Court when an application is made for Probate. If the original is lost, there are likely to be delays in distributing your estate to your beneficiaries. Worse still, without an original will your assets may not be distributed the way you intended, and your children may not be cared for in the way you want.

In most cases, people choose to store their original documents in safe-keeping with their solicitor or a will registry.

Australian Public Will Register

The steps to have your will registered and safely stored are very straightforward:

  1. Complete Application Form which can be either emailed or posted to you.
  2. Make a photo copy of the completed Application Form and your completed, signed Will. Keep these copies in a safe place for future reference.
  3. Send your ORIGINAL signed Will plus the ORIGINAL Application Form to the Australian Public Will Register c/o AussieLegal.
  4. You will receive a letter confirming the safe storage of your original will. The confirming letter will contain a Reference Number.
  5. IMPORTANT: A copy of the confirming letter containing the Reference Number should be given to EACH EXECUTOR and kept in a safe place for possible future use.

Retrieval of your Will by you or your Executors

  1. You, as the Testator, or your Executors, may retrieve your Will at any time by writing to us and providing the following information:
  • The Reference Number provided in the confirming letter or email; plus
  • Certified photocopy of the photo page of your passport; or
  • Certified photocopy of your driver's licence; or
  • Statutory Declaration witnessed by an authorized person confirming your identity.
  1. The Original Will and any accompanying documents will be sent to the applicant by registered post.

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Will Check, Registration and Storage  $32.95

After you have completed and signed your will, it is recommended that the original document be checked, registered and stored in a safe place. Once your will is registered with the Australian Public Will Register, your relatives and or your executor can search for and retrieve the document from safe-keeping after your death. Registering your will and securely storing the original document can ensure that your estate is handled quickly and efficiently. Click on the link above for more information.

Write Your Own Legal Will Plus (includes Will Check, Registration & Storage)  $49.95

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