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AussieLegal is Australia's leading provider of affordable DIY legal kits. AussieLegal also offers a range of affordable legal services on behalf of our panel of independent law firms. Browse our legal articles or join a live legal discussion on Australia's largest legal forum.

AussieLegal PTY Ltd ABN 20 089 555 993 works in conjunction with VC Lawyers, an Incorporated Legal Practice regulated by the Legal Profession Act 2004 ABN 77 001 832 293, Liability Limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. AussieLegal is an information provider and not a law firm. As such AussieLegal does not provide legal advice and operates under contract with, and the general supervision of, VC Lawyers.

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AussieLegal is not a law firm and we cannot provide legal advice. Email us for more information on our legal kits and services.

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Free Legal Information

Our legal information is provided in the form of articles. They are written in plain English by leading law firms who specialise in that particular area of law. As the law may vary from State to State, we have different articles for different States. AussieLegal's collection extends to over 100 areas of law across most States in Australia.

DIY Legal Kits

For some legal situations, it is possible for you to solve your own legal problem with the help of one of our Legal Kits, including: Writing a Will or Handling Probate. The kits include blank, editable documents, step-by-step instructions and completed examples to follow.

PLUS Services

Don't pay more than you need to! With our 'PLUS' services, AussieLegal can assist you in completing a range of legal processes, including: Probate, Letters of Administration and Binding Financial Agreements. Our panel of independent solictors will provide advice and certification where required.

Live Legal Forum

Browse our legal forum where you can research the area of law you need - there are many questions that have been previously asked and answered. Or you can add your view or join the discussion so that people can get the benefit of your experiences.

Free Find-a-Lawyer Service

If you decide, after reading our free Information Outlines, that you require the services of a solicitor, then try our free Find-a-Lawyer service. AussieLegal has a wide range of law firms throughout each State from which you can choose. The law firms are selected by AussieLegal on the basis of their credentials in the relevant area of law and their ability to respond to your enquiries in a timely manner.

AussieLegal is not a law firm

AussieLegal is a legal information and law firm referral service. We do not provide legal advice in any capacity. Aussielegal works in conjuction with a panel of independent solicitors and law firms who provide legal advice to our clients where required. If you require formal advice about you legal situation, we recommend you use our find-a-lawyer service to locate a law firm who is experienced in the area of law you need in a convenient location.