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Write Your Own Legal Will (for 2 people)
Roughly half of all Australians who die, die intestate. That is, they die without leaving a valid, Legal Will. If a person dies intestate, rules contained in legislation will decide how your assets are distributed taking into account your family situation. The government may also decide who looks after your children if they are still minors.

For only $29.95 the AussieLegal Write Your Own Legal Will Kit will provide you with all you need to write and execute a Will for yourself and your partner.

The Kit contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to write your Will, an explanation of the law, examples of completed Wills for single people and couples with and without children. Each example comes with a corresponding blank Will which can be filled in or edited.

The AussieLegal Write Your Own Legal Will Kit can help you:

  • understand your legal position;
  • ensure your assets will go to the people you choose;
  • ensure your children will be looked after the way you want;
  • give you peace of mind; and
  • save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees.

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