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Property Settlement Calculator
After the welfare of the children, the most urgent concern of people going through a marriage break-up is usually money. That is, what share of the matrimonial assets am I entitled to? Until now, the only place where you could get answers to this question was a solicitor's office.

For only $29.95 the AussieLegal Property Settlement Calculator can provide a very good guide as to what your share might be.  

The Calculator is based on assumptions extracted from actual case histories of property settlements in the Family Court. You can input the financial and personal histories of you and your partner and the calculator will provide you with an expected division of assets both in dollar and percentage terms. This Calculator may not be used for De Facto property settlements. 

The Kit is comprised of two parts: 1. the background material and detailed case studies, and 2. access to the online Calculator itself.

The Property Settlement Calculator can help you:

  • better understand how the Courts look at property settlements;
  • provide you with a good guide as to your fair share of the property;
  • negotiate your property settlement from a position of knowledge; and
  • brief your lawyer and make informed decisions;
IMPORTANT:  AussieLegal has a Kit titled the Family Law Kit which deals with all the major aspects of Family Law including Separation and Divorce, Child Residence and Access, Property Settlement & Spousal Maintenance. The Property Settlement Calculator is included automatically in this Kit.
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