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Powers of Attorney
A Power of Attorney is a legal document where you authorise another adult or adults to act on your behalf in your affairs. Knowing that you have a properly appointed attorney can give you peace of mind when you go interstate or overseas for an extended period of time, suffer poor physical and/or mental health, or reach an age when you anticipate you will need greater assistance.

For only $29.95 the AussieLegal Power of Attorney Kit will provide you with all you need to write a Power of Attorney for you, a relative or friend.

The Kit contains background information on the law, instruction on how to complete and execute the document, examples of different types of Powers of Attorney including General POAs, Enduring POAs (including POAs for Medical Treatment in Victoria) and how to revoke a Power of Attorney. The AussieLegal Power of Attorney Kit can:
  • give you peace of mind if you are suffering ill health;
  • give you peace of mind when you travel; and
  • save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees.

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