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1st time applying for spouse visa

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Topic: 1st time applying for spouse visa
Posted By: Qingx2
Subject: 1st time applying for spouse visa
Date Posted: 24/August/2008 at 02:35

My husband is Australia Permanent Resident. We got married on feb'08 back in Malaysia. I want to apply for spouse visa, unfortunately my husband lost his job and currently looking for one. I want to know whether I can still apply for a spouse visa when my husband is jobless? My visitor visa will expire next month. I'm confused and I don't know what to do. I really want to be with my husband . Can anyone please give me some advise? I'd really appreciate the response

Posted By: Qingx2
Date Posted: 27/August/2008 at 18:37
Updates: I met DIAC officer today. She told me that base on my case, it's unnecessary for my husband to have a job in order for me to apply for spouse visa. Decision will be made base on whether the relationship is genuine and continuing. Also make sure ALL required doxents is attach during the application. Hope this helps people with the same problem as mine.


Posted By: Mary777
Date Posted: 03/December/2008 at 21:26


how are things running now...? We are in a similar situation...I arrived on a prospective marriage visa, got married, but husband lost job (is just looking for a new one...). I actually got a job in Australia, so we do have income - but that is not the sponsor's "own" income. We need to apply for the temporary spouse visa within this month, and I'm getting worried. :(

Posted By: Nati
Date Posted: 10/January/2009 at 10:17
Hi there, I would also like to know what happened? See I also got married outside of Australia - I'm an Australian Citizen and my husband is Samoan - I would like to know if he can enter Australia under a visitor visa and then apply for an onshore spouse visa? At the moment we both live in Samoa but I will be getting offerd a job in the Northern Territory...

Posted By: angelinadavid84
Date Posted: 21/January/2009 at 18:17
In order to be eligible for a spouse visa to Australia, you must fulfill the following requirements:
•     You and your spouse have a commitment to a shared life as husband and wife.
•     Your relationship is indisputable and continuing.
•     You and your spouse live together, or don't live separately and apart on a permanent basis.
•     Unless you are legally married, you must have been in a spouse relationship for the last 12 months, which usually involves showing that you have lived together during this period
•     You must pass health and character criteria. - Kenya visa

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