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.085 first DUI on green P’s

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Topic: .085 first DUI on green P’s
Posted By: vkatharina
Subject: .085 first DUI on green P’s
Date Posted: 28/January/2008 at 19:42

Last night I went to a friends housewarming and ended up having a few
drinks. I stopped drinking at midnight and stayed the night at my friends
house. However, I had to get up at 7 to drive home because i was needed
and i was picked up by police for a random breath test. They asked me to
step out of the car, and by this point i was calling home to explain the
situation. I asked the police officer what my reading was and she refused
to tell me. Is that a problem? Later on i saw it was .104 in her little
notebook. I went to the station and took another breath test (which they
said was more accurate) and blew .085. Now on the paper it only states
the second test which was .085, so will the first test be taking into
consideration or even brought up? Also, will the police officer attend the

I've read a lot of the other blogs and the punishment seems to depend on
the judge. Is there anything i can do to lessen the suspension? Would it
help to take a drink driving course or some sort of course beforehand? or
Maybe suggest it at the hearing to minimise the fine or suspension? Also,
I am a nanny and need a license to drive the children around to
swimming classes and soccer matches etc, will this be taken into
consideration or can i apply for a work license?

My hearing is at Ryde (sydney), would you know any good solicitors in the
area? Has anyone been to a hearing at ryde and know what the
magistrates are like? any info would be appreciated.

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