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Nuisance Neighbour-can I do anything about it?

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Printed Date: 22/April/2019 at 19:01

Topic: Nuisance Neighbour-can I do anything about it?
Posted By: Irl
Subject: Nuisance Neighbour-can I do anything about it?
Date Posted: 08/January/2019 at 20:20
Im having problems with my neighbour which started because I refused to go to court and lie for her. She started making complaints saying my dog is barking non stop from the time I leave early in the morning to the time I get home late at night and that I stay at my ex husbands house for a week at a time and dont come home to the dog. The ranger was really nice and said he would ring the lady that rang back and make sure he had the right house, the ranger come back and said that the person he talked to had no idea what he was talking about so it was a false name and number given. my neighbour then sends me a text saying "your ranger friend looks cute hope ur dog hasn't run away". A couple of weeks later I get a ranger bashing on the door with another complaint about the dog, I told him the other rangers name and what had happened last time and he said he was the one that took the call and she didn't want to make an official complaint but just wanted them to come see me about the dog and nothing further happened. she has since started making all kinds of racket and banging on the fence with a voice recorder in her hand trying to make the dog bark at her and she is visibly writing stuff down everytime I walk outside when she is home. At one point she was standing in my front yard singing or what she calls "prayer walking". I have installed noise activated cctv cameras to make sure my dog isn't barking even though 6 of my neighbours have said no the dog isn't barking. I've spoken to the police about the court thing and the police officer informed me that the name I had for her was not correct and they told me what her actual name is. I recently received a request for mediation from community justice nsw gov and it states your neighbour (insert name) is requesting mediation. Apparently she has tried to make further complaint to the rangers and they have said she has to do mediation first. I spoke to the crc people and said that I would attend mediation with her provided its in her actual legal name and not the alias she has told them, they said they will ring her back and see if she is willing to provide her legal name or if she wanted to drop it. I really feel like it would have been easier to just lie and do what she wanted. Shes done a bunch of other things that she can do anonymously but I would be writing a novel to list the things this woman is doing.

Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 09/January/2019 at 03:01
Originally posted by Irl


Best thing you can do is to ignore her, she is obviously getting off at your reaction, if you ignore her and she wants to take this further she will need to provide evidence, if she does this you will need to show that her evidence is false and her actions are vexatious.

Posted By: Irl
Date Posted: 09/January/2019 at 19:15
The thing im worried about is the more I ignore her the more she does, shes even coming out when my 15 yr old daughter is getting dropped home and standing in front of the car with her arms folded and staring down the people in the car and stuff. Shes the type of person that runs crying if you confront her and thinks that an AVO will save her, im not and would love nothing more than grabbing her...My daughter is all mum dont hurt her but shes pushing her luck.

Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 10/January/2019 at 04:43
As I said ignore her, being stared at never hurt anyone, ignore it. Do not react to her foolishness.

If she says anything, just walk on, you didn't hear, you didn't see, act as if she isn't there. If she touches you or hits you do not acknowledge do nothing back, but complain to the police, that is assault.

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