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417 first visa drink driving conviction

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Topic: 417 first visa drink driving conviction
Posted By: Joei27
Subject: 417 first visa drink driving conviction
Date Posted: 04/January/2019 at 00:58

Good morning everyone!

i am writing from UK.
Christmas day i got arrest for drink driving and spent night in police station.
In police letter said, namely 87 micrgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath exceeded the prescribed limit.
released me on bail, got court in next week and i never been in trouble with law before.
this is my first and last time hopefully going to this kind of place, by the way I am a new driver too. I have passed my licence last January 😞😔
before this conviction i have sent an application for first working holiday visa (417) and that application still ongoing.
does this conviction will affect in my application and Australian governments easily refuse my visa?
Should I get in touch with embassy in London and let them know about my circumstances, or wait after my court results?
i think i get criminal record with this, is it correct?

many thanks for your help
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Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 04/January/2019 at 02:45
Well what has happened has happened, I don't expect your visa application will be affected, how ever if it is that will be the end of the mater, you won't be visiting Australia in the near future. We are not as strict about drink driving offences as the Canadians, but on the other hand we have a very right wing immigration minister and who knows how he will apply his powers.

If it was me I'd just sit back and see what happens, I'd not contact the Australian High Commission in London, if you get the visa, good luck, if you don't, tough luck.

Posted By: Joei27
Date Posted: 04/January/2019 at 03:22
Citizen joe, many thanks 🙏 so I will sit back and 🤞 wait to see what will happened.
By the way, I was in Melbourne, Sydney last March and I absolutely enjoyed my every moment.
Australia is great country

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