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Journalist Shield Act QLD

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Printed Date: 23/April/2019 at 08:26

Topic: Journalist Shield Act QLD
Posted By: Macca79
Subject: Journalist Shield Act QLD
Date Posted: 05/November/2018 at 17:44
Ok, I know there is no Shield act that protects Journalists in QLD.

But let me finish.
I'm a professional photographer and videographer and have been working on a documentary for the past 3-4 years, documenting the illegal street racing scene of Australia.

I know that recently in South Brisbane a group was raided and had hard drives taken by police with their incriminating hooning activities on it.

In Melbourne a man was charged with organising a criminal gang after hosting hoon gathering in industrial estates. And although I haven't done that. I wondered if they could pin that on me. Raid my home and take my computers.
Or with the newest QLD law in which you must identify the operator of a vehicle in hooning videos or you could face jail time.

Am I safe from any of this, is it safe to release my documentary after a certain number of years. What's the go here?

I couldn't have worked on this for years just to never release it at fear of ruining my own life.

Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 05/November/2018 at 21:20
If someone has broken the law and you know who it is, journalist or not it is your civic duty to reveal that information to the police if they come asking.

A good way to stay out of jail is to tell the police what they wish to know.

Posted By: Macca79
Date Posted: 06/November/2018 at 23:13
Unfortunately not what I was asking

Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 07/November/2018 at 00:31
May not be what you asked. But no, you are not obliged to report such a matter, but if the police ask you about it you have no immunity you must tell them what you know, or you may be charged.

So nothing stopping you releasing your documentary, but if the police come asking, you are obliged to tell them what you know.

Waiting a few years makes no difference.

Posted By: jaazzz
Date Posted: 07/November/2018 at 08:34

Further to the above comments...

It's unlikely that the organisers of these illegal events would allow you to film & document the activities without their prior knowledge & consent...

You are therefore not just an observer & 'documentary maker', but a part of the activity that you acknowledge is illegal...

Should you publish any footage, It is almost certain that you will be questioned by police, any footage you have will be held as evidence, & any computers & storage devices confiscated for examination as well.... If you refuse to divulge names, dates & places, there will be extra charges laid against you...

For the sake of your career as a professional photographer, I would advise locking that footage away never to be published or destroying it...

Any opinion given should not be accepted as legal advice.

Please post your legal questions in a forum rather than sending a PM. Thanks

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