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Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011

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Topic: Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011
Posted By: Manny99
Subject: Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011
Date Posted: 08/October/2018 at 00:08
Hello everyone

So this is what I did, I threw a plastic coke bottle trying to get it into the bin but missed outside of Birdees, and the council saw it and gave me a fine. They took my licence to check proof of identity for the infringement notice “Waste reduction and recycling Act 2011”, but they misplelled my last name on the notice. Does the misplelling of my name mean anything?

So now what happens if I don’t pay the fine, will they increase it? Take me to court? And if they did, and I still refuse to pay, what happens then? Because I don’t have any assets because I’m 19 and living with parents, I don’t own a car or a house or anything, I don’t have a job, so I don’t know how they can deduct my wage, and I don’t have a license so i don’t know how they can suspend it. They can’t send me to jail just for littering because that would be ridiculous. Also I ripped up the infringement notice at home so their is no going back from this matter. How far will the council go to make me pay the fine?


Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 08/October/2018 at 00:35
The error in the spelling of your name will not invalidate the fine.

If you ignore the fine you will be eventually taken to court where if you are found guilty, be faced with extra charges, these could be considerable.

If your story here is accurate there is nothing to stop you writing to the council at the address given on the fine notice and advising that you threw the plastic coke bottle into the bin but didn't realise that you had missed, offer an apology for this and request that the fine be waved as you are only a student without any income. Offer to spend some time picking up rubbish to make amends for your error and ask where they would like you to perform this service.

See what they say, if they insist that you pay, do so, to try anything else will only end up costing you heaps.

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