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Unfair Dismissal case?

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Topic: Unfair Dismissal case?
Posted By: Sammie
Subject: Unfair Dismissal case?
Date Posted: 08/July/2018 at 10:53
Basically what happened is my hubby and I were given the opportunity to purchase the business he works for through vendor finance, using our house as collateral, and we had to come up with a deposit. They refused to provide business figures until we agreed to put up our house. So, we declined their offer. They are opening another business to cater for the more upmarket clientele. We do not know what they plan to do with their current shop. So now, they told my hubby if you take the purchase offer there is no room for you in the business

It is a small business and he has worked there since October last year.
We have had no letter stating he has been fired.

Do we have a case?

Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 08/July/2018 at 23:48
Not yet, he had not been dismissed. He should continue turning up for work. If he is subsequently dismissed he may have a case, however if they just close the business he may not.

Keep a log of everything said and any messages received, together with any pay slips received or details of failure to pay for work done.

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